About Us

Consortium Goals

  • To offer employers a greater number of quality candidates by combining resources and efforts of small private faith based liberal arts institutions.
  • To provide employers with well prepared, qualified accounting and finance students.
  • To provide a Recruitment Day that will give companies an opportunity to interview well-prepared students from eleven colleges and universities for internships and professional employment.
  • To promote values based ideals as they relate to the workplace.
  • To encourage employers to gain a better understanding of students and institutions through collaboration with business, accounting and finance faculty.

Our Mission

To connect accounting and finance students from faith based colleges and universities with leaders in business and industry.

History & Background

Recognizing the need to combine recruitment efforts, the Consortium initiated an alternative to the traditional recruitment program in 1995. Working together to promote the ideals emphasized by each member school, the organization provides recruiters with students who bring ethical and moral values to the workplace. Now, approaching its 25th year, the Accounting & Finance Interview Day has become one of the premier recruiting events in Western Pennsylvania.