Did You Know?

  • Studies show that U.S. corporations find graduates from private values-based liberal arts schools exceptional candidates for employment because they bring valuable communication, leadership and creative skills to the workplace.
  • Consortium member colleges can offer employers over 200 qualified and pre-screened accounting students per year.
  • Most private values-based liberal arts schools require students to take a core of ethics classes.
  • Private liberal arts colleges and universities are significantly smaller than other institutions of higher learning, with average enrollments of 1,860, compared to nearly 10,000 at four year state colleges.
  • 65% of students who graduate from an independent college or university are able to complete degrees in 4 years or less, compared to 34% at 4-year state institutions.
  • Students from private values-based liberal arts institutions:
    • Have a strong sense of community
    • Value involvement beyond the classroom
    • Learn to think critically and solve problems
    • Express themselves clearly