Interview Day

The Interview Day is an all day recruiting event held in late September in Pittsburgh.


To be eligible to participate, students must meet a 3.0 QPA requirement, have completed at least 60 credits of their undergraduate coursework and must be an accounting student at one of the ten participating colleges/universities. Students who are interested in participating in the event must contact the Career Office at their college/university for application instructions and deadline dates. Students who apply will be required to complete the online registration form and submit a resume for employer review. Employers will select students with whom they are interested in interviewing. Students who are selected will be notified by their Career Office.


Employers interested in participating in the interview day should complete the online registration form under the “Employer Information” tab. Participating employers are invited and urged to attend a get acquainted luncheon/meeting for participating employers and consortium school members at the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh in early August. RSVP options are included in the online registration process for the Interview Day.

Two weeks prior to Interview Day, the Consortium will provide participating employers the resumes of qualified and interested students. Employers can screen the resumes, make interview selections and submit a list of selected interview candidates to the designated Consortium representative. The Consortium will be responsible for arranging interview times and will inform both the employers and the selected students of their specific schedules. Employers should allow half hour increments for each interview. Some employers may find the need to bring two recruiters as deemed necessary by the number of selected candidates. In that case, two interview candidates would be scheduled for each half hour time slot. A lunch hour will be incorporated into employer schedules.